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Profile: Steve

What I've found as a Therapist:

Over the years, I have learned that people often want to make changes in their lives but struggle with the challenge of understanding and of making sense of their emotions. They often express confusion wondering even if they should be feeling the way that they do. Sorting concerns out and beginning to understand the issues and the related emotions leads to a greater awareness and the potential for desired changes.

I view myself as actively supportive in this process, appreciating the common and unique personal characteristics that a person brings to therapy. Listening to my clients is paramount. Essentially, I seek to understand, appreciate and to help clarify the changes that each person uniquely desires whether individually or in their relationships.

I also offer EEG Neurofeedback, Traditional Biofeedback & Thought Field Therapy. These  unique processes optimize health and functioning targeting ADHD, Mild Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Management as well as Migraine Headaches and Sleep problems that often disrupt individuals and their relationships.

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