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EEG Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback?

The term "Neurofeedback" (or "EEG Biofeedback") describes an actually very simple process: It enables clients to see and influence the electrical activity of their own brain.

Similar to many skills we have acquired in our life, the only way to improve was when we got ‘feedback’ on our performance. By making adjustments and repeating the trial and error process we were able to improve our skills continously. Right?
Exactly the same happens with Neurofeedback!

Since the late 1970's the benefits of neurofeedback have been confirmed by thousands of successful clinical results. More than  250 studies of scientific research have been published and there are also applications to top athletes and performance artists!


Benefits of Neurofeedback

  • Enhanced attention and focus
  • Increased work rate
  • Better quality of work
  • Improved ability to self manage
  • Calmer mind with less stress and more motivation

How is Neurofeedback realized?

Modern PC equipment is capable of sophisticated calculations in real time to analyze brainwaves and produce feedback signals. A separate device measures the brainwaves and transmits them to the PC where a specialized software produces neurofeedback. This information is then sent to a monitor where the person training views and hears the feedback. The feedback may be a 3D game, A DVD or some other construction that provides accurate feedback on how well the person is doing.


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